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Paul's Architectural Photography

Paul spent his early career as a cabinet maker which instilled in him a sense of discipline, precision and craft. He brings this same mix of technical and artistic sensitivity to his architectural and commercial photography, producing images that are both strikingly real and surreal at the same time. Paul is always up for a challenge. And whether the assignment is architectural or commercial, the results are always the perfect blend of art and science.

Paul has the best eye of any architectural photographer I have worked with. He can capture my model home designs into photos that make you feel as if you are literally walking through the home. He is prompt, professional, genuine, kind and so very talented. He is quick and makes every photo shoot fun to be involved with. I give him my highest recommendation and am so thrilled he can capture my creative talents through his lens.

-Christy Cassidy Interior Designer, Cassidy Interior Design

Years ago, when I did the in-house marketing for a local home builder, I thought we couldn’t afford to hire Paul after seeing the MAME awards he won. Now, on my own, I hired him for a shoot. I knew I’d like the quality but was surprised at how easy and fun he made it. He gave a firm quote days before the shoot and the invoice had no surprises - wow!

-Shelley LaJudice - TMG

Wow, these photos are magazine-cover quality! Beautiful!

-Ron Stauffer, Director of Marketing and IT, Stauffer and Sons Construction